The Ninth Day of Christmas

*I don’t know why this paragraph is black. I am powerless to make it white
On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a trip to Rockmill Brewery. Alas, a Christmas days event which isn’t a complete ass-jamming! Rockmill is truly one of the hidden gems not only of southeast Ohio, but Ohio altogether. I’ve vividly detailed my drinking experiences hereherehere, and here. This isn’t a Belgian style beer novelty, but serious fucking business. I’ve got one of my favorite beer-swilling chums on the sleigh for this ride, along with the requisite wives. The babysitter is reserved and we have a designated driver. Man I hope there is some holiday shit going on in the tasting room too. I want Christmas lights on a deer rack, minimum. If I know people then I am betting that the hard-working staff at Rockmill Brewery cannot wait to conclude a week of toiling on the compound with a group rolling into the tasting room on Friday late afternoon looking to get fucked up and eventually having to be told to leave because people want to go the hell to sleep. It is sure to make their holiday season that much brighter. I can’t decide which smoking jacket and monocle to wear. I wonder how loud they’d like us to be? I assume screaming like white trash at a Nascar race. I’m saving up my most off-color jokes for the affair and if people look shocked and don’t laugh at first, I’ll assume they didn’t hear me and will repeat, only much louder. They’re gonna love us! If there is one thing in the entire world that people love, it is you and your buddies, because you are the most unique and hilarious group of pals in the known universe and people want to be around you at all times. Rockmill has an extremely unique and aesthetically pleasing tasting room and seating area which will be perfect for our group, though to be honest a Dave and Buster’s or Applebee’s would suffice. I’m considering bringing our Bose blue tooth docking speaker so that we can play this loud and proud for everyone in the tasting room.

I’m very much looking forward to Christmas morning this year because my first kid is old enough to know what the hell is going on and so I’m excited to watch her. But outside of living vicariously through her first lucid Christmas experience, this Rockmill voyage is Daddy’s Christmas morning. They’ll have Saison, Dubbel, Tripel, Cask Aged Tripel, their new Saison Super and for those who will drink wit beer (I just can’t get on board with wits, even if Jesus H Christ himself brewed it), their Wit. But maybe there is something really cool at the brewery right now, something that I don’t even know about? Last I visited Rockmill I sampled enough beer to go home with ample quantity to last until this past Friday night as well as some t-shirt swag that was 2 sizes too big once I actually tried it on. Could way too much take-home beer and ill-fitting swag be in the cards for tonight? Who knows, that is what is so exciting!!! Will the party be raucous enough that Saturday is ruined? If we knew then what would be the point of going? I might be too hopeful, but I’ve visions of the proprietors hiring carolers in Dickensian costume, and escorting us around the various outbuildings and beer cellars on the property in an actual giant sleigh pulled by real Lapland reindeer with a Santa costumed driver. It could happen. Obviously we want snow and if it isn’t snowing, I expect they’ll make plenty of it to give a solid 4-6 inch ground covering. Given the stunning natural beauty of the property I would not be surprised if said sleigh, after the brewing and cellaring facilities tour is complete, then whisked us away into the deep woods beyond the river where a Victorian era outdoor Christmas market and bonfire, with decorated pine tree, awaits us with Rockmill beer flowing from kegs kept naturally cold in the frosty river which runs through the estate. Doesn’t seem unlikely to me. Maybe I’m getting a bit greedy at this point, but I also would like a live performance of “A Christmas Carol” delivered by professional thespians back at the tasting room as the late night entertainment, with George C. Scott as Ebenezer Scrooge. Obviously it goes without saying that we will be served mincemeat pies and figgy pudding during the play. If they can just make good on these very modest requests then we are sure to have an enjoyable evening. I’m going to stop short of asking that they have, under a tastefully decorated tree, wrapped gifts for all of us. I don’t want to be a dick. I deserve this considering that the previous 8 days have produced:

A threat to go to the American Girl Place store
A dead car battery
A lone long pube on the gym shower wall
WHAM!’s “Last Christmas”
A Disney movie filled with princesses
A simultaneously puking yet wild-as-shit toddler
A two-day hangover at age 35 and an
Arctic blast right up the ass

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