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The Worst Wine I Ever Drank

I was exchanging text messages with a friend recently, and topic of “conversation” hit the intersection of Eastern Europe and wine.  Don’t ask how we got there–just know that we did.  It forced me to come to terms and deal … Continue reading

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The Scout Chronicles: I Took it in the Ass on Thanksgiving Day

Get that fucking camera out of my face asshole! You wouldn’t be smiling either if you got rail-roaded like I did on “Turkey Day”. More like “Same ‘Ol Dried Hippie Dog Food Bullshit Day” for the Scoutmeister. The day started … Continue reading

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Do Native Americans Celebrate Thanksgiving?

I really don’t know. Do they? If they don’t, then they sure as shit should. If not, then I guess they’re with the terrorists. That original Thanksgiving was such a sweetheart deal for them I can’t even stand it. The … Continue reading

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