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It Was God’s Plan for Me to get Fucked Up on Christmas Eve Eve

I bear absolutely no responsibility for my raging hangover on Christmas Eve.  If you were offended by it, then talk to the big guy upstairs.  “Why would you want to be hungover and borderline ill for your daughter’s first Christmas … Continue reading

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Why Aren’t I Selling Magic Beans to Fools?

It is just so easy. I rail against Joel Osteen’s “The Purpose Driven Life”, and his horse teeth. But he is winning, while I lose every day. I need someone, a great friend or a trusted relative, to talk me … Continue reading

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Isn’t Molesting Kids Enough?

Listen, everyone is already creeped the fuck out by Catholics, what with the boy-touching and all. I know that I give a very wide berth to Catholic priests when I see them skeezing down the block, sniffing their fingers. One … Continue reading

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The Scout Chronicles: I Just Learned the Story of Jesus Today from that Religious Freak Beagle in the Dog Park

He told me all about it. I think that little fucker is tooting blow in his kennel all day. He will not shut the fuck up about Christ and the Holy Spirit and how you’ve got to give up dry-humping … Continue reading

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