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Breaking News—FAIL

This morning I’m at the gym, dominating per usual.  Finishing out on the Stair Climber, when I see a BOMBSHELL of a news story blow up on the screen, via Rob Elgas.  Apparently in Oregon there is a massively obese … Continue reading

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Oh Pork Arm, Why So Serious?

You clutch that hand rail with all your strength, Pork Arm.  You glare at us all.  Your tormentors, your oppressors.  Those who entered the bus before you, taking those empty seats.  You got on the bus too late for open … Continue reading

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Why Does Society Treat the Handifat like they are Actually Disabled?

I’m so sick of this shit.  I for one am not treating these people with kid’s gloves any longer.  If you’ve eaten yourself into a lack of mobility, then fuck you, get out of the way and ideally quit breathing … Continue reading

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Why Would You EVER Hire a Fat Personal Trainer?

I’ve never understood this phenomenon.  It reared its ugly head yesterday at the gym, as I was forced to listen to some obese asshole chastise and “coach” some old man through a pathetic work out which would not have produced … Continue reading

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If you are a Big ‘Ol Fat Person, is a Poncho like the Top thing you can Wear?

It has to be. It does not inhibit the natural ebb and flow of the fat as you waddle about your day. It lets air circulate to various underfat regions that would otherwise be suffocating when wearing clothes not designed … Continue reading

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Does Fat Insulate?

I pondered this question as I sat, shoulders dislocated inward with knees locked tightly, on the bus this morning. I entered the bus today with a strong determination to find a seat. I eagerly sought refuge from my pathetic, miserable, … Continue reading

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Its High Time we Impose a Ceiling on Pant Sizes

The G8 nations need to make this priority #1 in the next gathering. They can get to boozy dinners and whoremongering after a decisive vote is cast in this all-too-important issue which could ultimately lead to the demise of planet … Continue reading

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Hey, Guess Who I Saw at the Gym this Morning?

Thats right, one fat fucking asshole after another. The New Year’s Resolution shitheel crowd is officially upon us at the gym. I say it every year: If you rely upon a random day in the Roman calendar cycle to improve … Continue reading

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Whatever Happened to Honesty and Integrity in the Pan-Handling Business?

If you are starving, then look fucking starving. When you are trying to sell me your starvation 150 pounds overweight and wearing brand new retro Air Jordans, pardon fucking me when my heart refuses to bleed and my wallet remains … Continue reading

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Season Premier of “The Biggest Loser” Tonight!

And it doesn’t matter who wins, because you’re all still fucking losers. These are truly some of the most miserable pieces of shit our planet has to offer. I would love the shit out of this show if they got … Continue reading

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