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Blue Pill or Red Pill?

So I’m trying to legitimize this pig by moving over to a URL, which I’ve now procured.  Wait until you get a load of the domain name, a blockbuster of epic proportions.  On the recommendation of a friend I’m currently … Continue reading

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Movie Review: “Soul Surfer” Gets 4 1/2 Stars

Out of 100,000,000 stars.  The absolute worst movies get 1 star.  The best movies get 100,000,000 stars.  I give this movie 4 1/2 stars. I guess I’m not the target audience.  I’m not sure who is the target audience–maybe really, … Continue reading

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Be Very Careful if Going to Watch the Conan The Barbarian Remake

If you are headed to the theatre this weekend to watch this coathanger abortion of a remake of the classic Arnold-led Conan The Barbarian, you need to be prepared for the possibility that something really horrible is going to befall … Continue reading

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Apparently My Little Brother has Never Seen “Point Break”. How Do You Address a Situation Like That?

He is too old and too big to challenge to a fight over it.  I guess I could attack him with a baseball bat or a wrench or a sock filled with marbles or something.  Mostly I’m just sick to … Continue reading

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The Scout Chronicles: I Think Someone is Trying to Pull an “Inception” on my Ass

Although I can’t be 100% sure, I think I’m being Inceptioned. And if the movie taught me anything, it’s that you don’t even know you are being Inceptioned. What I do know is that if I wake up at any … Continue reading

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Studio 54 should have been rated NC/17

Given that I’m slowing dying faster than a Medieval peasant after sticking his hand in a rat den, I had the opportunity to re-watch Studio 54 this morning. It was the only alternative to morning talk show drivel, not to … Continue reading

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I’ve Heard there are People who don’t Like “The Town”

Those people should really be spending their time trying to erase the encyclopedia of kiddie porn they have stored on their hard drive (and please remember to empty the recycle bin) before the Feds arrive with a warrant. Unless you … Continue reading

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