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If My 3 Month Old Daugther Doesn’t Start Sleeping Through the Night Really Soon, She’d Best Be VERY WARY of any Family “Vacations” to Florida

Because guess what sweetie, you can kill the fuck out of your babies in Florida, and don’t nobody care. As of now she isn’t sleeping so long at night. And if I decide my lack of rest is really cramping … Continue reading

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Is there any Integrity Left in Journalism?

Is there any point whatever in monitoring mainstream media? Is it a total joke? A complete and utter lost cause? Is there a shining beacon of truth and transparency in this murky quagmire of liars and corporate ball-washers? I may … Continue reading

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Tonight We Gonna Rapture Like Its 1999!!!

Tomorrow night, 18:00 EST (and you have to love not only that the bible can predict the rapture’s exact date, but it is time-zone specific as well, centered on a time zone that at the time of bible writing, no … Continue reading

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Save the Date: May 21st, 2011

Its a RAPTURE mutherfuckers!!! Jesus and God and the Apostles and Baby Jesus and Mary and Peter and Mother Theresa and Michael Jackson and all those hard-chargin‘ sons of bitches swooping down out of Heaven like a fucking shitstorm, zapping … Continue reading

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Could Everyone Quit Fucking “Checking In” Already

The Internet giveth, and the Internet taketh away. We as humans cannot blame the Creator for the sharks or the influenza or the cockroaches or The View or any of the Kardashians. We can only praise him for the good … Continue reading

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