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Um, no.  Actually no fucking good news at all.  To be honest, what I got doesn’t even qualify as “news” in any way, shape or form.  I was taking Scout out for his morning dump today when we were approached … Continue reading

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What Sucks Now Uber Alles!!!!! (Suck it, Komen)

In case you aren’t multilingual like me (The extent of my German is basicaly “Ich sprechen ein bisschen Deutsche”, which means I speak a little German.  But joke is on you, Nazi, because that is the only sentence I know), … Continue reading

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Important Announcement to all People Who Picketed or Held Vigil Outside the Casey Anthony Trial:

Just fucking kill yourself.  That is all.  You bring nothing to the table.  Did you take time off work for this?  What were you hoping to accomplish?  The judge to look out the window and say, “Well, these hillbilly morons … Continue reading

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Save the Date: May 21st, 2011

Its a RAPTURE mutherfuckers!!! Jesus and God and the Apostles and Baby Jesus and Mary and Peter and Mother Theresa and Michael Jackson and all those hard-chargin‘ sons of bitches swooping down out of Heaven like a fucking shitstorm, zapping … Continue reading

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Why are Dudes Compelled to Spit in Urinals?

It is a question as old as time immemorial. If you read the Bible, and you better fucking believe I read that pig every goddamn day, in Mark 7:22 we see the first reference to this age-old tradition: “As we … Continue reading

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