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Aggressive Morning

Just a tip-off: Anyone who is not a fan of Conan the Barbarian (yes the original, quit fucking asking) might want to spend their 5 minutes on higher pursuits, like picking their nose or huffing VCR head cleaner.  And while … Continue reading

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Why Would You EVER Hire a Fat Personal Trainer?

I’ve never understood this phenomenon.  It reared its ugly head yesterday at the gym, as I was forced to listen to some obese asshole chastise and “coach” some old man through a pathetic work out which would not have produced … Continue reading

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Who in the Hell is still Wearing Jock Straps?

I was in the locker room at the gym yesterday and as I turned to go into the small area which housed my particular locker, I was shocked to see a near-naked, fat man clad in nothing other than a … Continue reading

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This Russian Dude at my Gym Killed You 3 Times Before You Hit the Ground

The explosion in popularity of mixed martial arts has led to a perfectly correlated explosion of complete and utter douche bags in gyms across America. Affliction tee shirts, Tapout shorts, an attempt to cover up a lack of physical fitness … Continue reading

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How Much Ya Bench?

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Asian Dude Straight RAKING at XSport Fitness this Morning

I was strolling past the aerobics room this morning which is typically kept dark until classes start around 7:00 a.m. People generally use the room for stretching and various self-directed routines until this time. So you can accurately say I … Continue reading

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Hey, Guess Who I Saw at the Gym this Morning?

Thats right, one fat fucking asshole after another. The New Year’s Resolution shitheel crowd is officially upon us at the gym. I say it every year: If you rely upon a random day in the Roman calendar cycle to improve … Continue reading

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