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Davis Love III New Ryder Cup Captain MUTHERFUCKERS!!!

Got the opening of AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” turned up to 11 in my dome right now and I ain’t turning down the dial until the UnitedfuckingStates of Fuck You wins the Ryder Cup. You see that pants tent I’m pitchin’? Been … Continue reading

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The Fat, Pan-Handling Asshole is Back on my Corner Again

This fat bastard has been on the corner of Adams and LaSalle, in front of the Brooks Brothers in the Rookery building, for yonks. His manual of operation, during the years I’ve had the honor to pass by him and … Continue reading

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The Ryder Cup is Over, Now What the Fuck do I do?

Probably jump off a bridge or try and shoot my weight in black tar heroin. The Ryder Cup is over, America lost again, and now all I have is NFL football, college football, MLB playoffs, English Premier League soccer and … Continue reading

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