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Say it Ain’t So, Joe

You know when you hear someone reference “Riding off into the sunset?”.  Well, this is the exact opposite of that.  In a matter of days Penn State’s reputation in the college sports world has gone from bastion of integrity and … Continue reading

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Should Cleveland Browns Fans (Myself Included) Collectively Jump Off a Bridge?

Whilst checking Facebook, Twitter, the Internet in general, and other media sources the past day I witnessed probably the most depressing thing I’ve lived through as a life-long Browns fan. Some Browns fans are amped as all fuck because Peyton … Continue reading

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Could Somone Please Buy Me the Brett Favre “The Streak 297 Starts” Autographed Football for Christmas….

…..So that I can punch you right in your fucking stupid face. And then de-friend you on Facebook. Then block all of your email addresses. Then erase your phone number from my cell. Then call your parents and tell them … Continue reading

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Brett Favre Douche-O-Meter

Has broken foot/ankle. Wants to play this week, not to help team, but rather to continue consecutive games started streak that only he and John Madden care about. Insistence on playing will have direct negative effect on team. Recent quote: … Continue reading

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Notre Dame Versus Michigan Saturday!

GO AL QUEDA!!! I love watching this game each year in eager anticipation of watching a 747 careening into the 50 yard line at several hundred mph. I don’t know of two groups of more obnoxious, sense of entitlement having, … Continue reading

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