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The Worst Wine I Ever Drank

I was exchanging text messages with a friend recently, and topic of “conversation” hit the intersection of Eastern Europe and wine.  Don’t ask how we got there–just know that we did.  It forced me to come to terms and deal … Continue reading

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Dear Obama: What the World Needs Now is a GANGSTER

Barack, this is fucking serious.  This is 4th and 19, down 6, with 37 seconds to go in the Super Bowl.  You have before you a unique moment in world history, and you are the quarterback of the best team.  … Continue reading

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Be Very Careful if Going to Watch the Conan The Barbarian Remake

If you are headed to the theatre this weekend to watch this coathanger abortion of a remake of the classic Arnold-led Conan The Barbarian, you need to be prepared for the possibility that something really horrible is going to befall … Continue reading

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