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I (sniff, sniff)……Smell (sniff, sniff, sniff)…..PUSSY!

This impending “End of Days” blizzard that is currently chugging eastward on I-80 towards Chicago is a gaping, soppy pussy. I just watched a YouTube video where this blizzard was dressed in his mom’s clothes, jewelry and makeup, singing Madonna’s … Continue reading

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In Your Face America!

The rest of America can swing from Chicago’s ample nuts. Highest gas prices in the country, bitches! $3.35 a gallon to a national average of $3.08. Salt Lake City is chock full of Mormon pussies who only pay $2.73, the … Continue reading

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The Chicago Transit Authority Sucks

The directors of the CTA should all be lined up in Daley Plaza and executed by firing squad at high noon. If I have one more fucking bus fly by my stop without stopping this week because it is too … Continue reading

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