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Tis the Season for Bubble Talk Nerds

The NCAA Tournament is fun.  The upsets, the fantastic finishes.  One-and-done at its best.  In my opinion it does no better job of pairing the two appropriate teams for the national title game than does the BCS system in college … Continue reading

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China, Fucking Step Your Game Up

One of the hot news items of the day is the huge bench clearing brawl that the Georgetown Hoyas got into yesterday with the Bayi Rockets in China.  The Rockets are a professional basketball team in China.  The Hoyas are on … Continue reading

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LeBron James: The Anti-Black Mamba

What a PUSSY. MJ and Kobe can’t stop laughing at this complete and utter tit. 6’8″, 240lbs, runs like Secretariat, jumps like a kangaroo. Strong as a fucking ox. Has the heart of a 67 year old African American male … Continue reading

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If Ohio State Loses Tonight to that Slimy Fucking Snake Oil Salesman Back-Stabbing Scumbag John Calipari I’m Going to be so Fucking Pissed Off I Won’t

Even be able to see straight. That is all. Have a nice day.

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If a Trees Falls in the Forest and No One is there to Hear it, Does it Make a Sound?

This is a very pertinent question on 12/22/10. Why? Well, let me ask you this: If the UCONN women’s basketball team breaks the all-time NCAA basketball record for consecutive games won, and no one gives a flying fuck, was the … Continue reading

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