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An Age-Old Question will be Answered this November

And that question is: Who do fundamentalist bible-thumping dipshits hate more; black people or people who don’t believe in the same Jesus they believe in?  It is going to be a fascinating election in that we will know once and … Continue reading

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Dear Obama: What the World Needs Now is a GANGSTER

Barack, this is fucking serious.  This is 4th and 19, down 6, with 37 seconds to go in the Super Bowl.  You have before you a unique moment in world history, and you are the quarterback of the best team.  … Continue reading

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“Nothing is Fucked Here Dude. Come On, You’re Being Very UnDude.”

I’m totally kidding.  Everything is fucked.  Rioting in London.  Stock market going down faster than a Thai whore for a c-note.  U.S. credit rating downgraded (sorry, same principles for household financial management apply at the macro level as well).  U.S. Government is … Continue reading

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The Debt Ceiling Debate Explained for the Non-Child Molesting Politician Segment of the Population

It may seem complicated, but it isn’t.  For anyone who has been unsuccessfully trying to avoid seeing these Washington fucktards playing dick-slap with each other over this recent hot-button issue, and not really grasping what is going on, this post … Continue reading

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Whoever is Putting These Foreign Chocolates in the Office Kitchen can Knock it the Fuck Off

If you are going to put chocolates in the kitchen for all to enjoy, fine. But have the common goddamn decency to make sure that the label is written clearly in ‘Merican. Not fucking Frencher, not I-tie, and sure as … Continue reading

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Do Native Americans Celebrate Thanksgiving?

I really don’t know. Do they? If they don’t, then they sure as shit should. If not, then I guess they’re with the terrorists. That original Thanksgiving was such a sweetheart deal for them I can’t even stand it. The … Continue reading

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