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The Scout Chronicles: They’re Gonna Kill Scout, Aren’t They?

Been a long time amigos, how’s shit? As always, the Ol’ Scouter abides. I wish I could tell you “same shit, different day”, but unfortunately same shit no longer applies at Scoutmeister headquarters. Shit’s gettin’ weird, and at an accelerating rate. … Continue reading

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Los Viejos Odian Toses

Fact: Old people hate coughs. Absolutely terrified of a young(er) person coughing. Mortal fear. They’d rather the Japs come marching into their town square than be within a city block of a youngster coughing. Don’t believe me? The next time … Continue reading

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The Oscars are the Absolute Greatest…….

……..pile of shit television awards show known to man. Are those people serious? Yes they are, because they get their pompous panties in a ruffle every time an unserious person like Seth McFarlane points out what smug, self-important fart quaffers they all are. … Continue reading

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