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The Truest Sign of Spring is Upon Us

I don’t use calendars or meteorologists to determine when spring begins.  I use chicks.

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Aggressive Morning

Just a tip-off: Anyone who is not a fan of Conan the Barbarian (yes the original, quit fucking asking) might want to spend their 5 minutes on higher pursuits, like picking their nose or huffing VCR head cleaner.  And while … Continue reading

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Hey Hitler, How Does Ohio’s Ass Taste?

After reading the title I’m sure you are wondering how the great Buckeye State of Ohio managed to bend Hitler over and cram it into his maniacal, genocidal ass?  The 1936 Berlin Olympics is your answer.  Fantastic “American Experience” episode … Continue reading

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Thanks for the New Corner, Assholes

The City of Chicago, in its infinite wisdom and with its plenitude of excess funds, has decided to install a new sidewalk corner at the southeast intersection of West Division and North Orleans streets.  This is otherwise known as across … Continue reading

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