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What Sucks Now Uber Alles!!!!! (Suck it, Komen)

In case you aren’t multilingual like me (The extent of my German is basicaly “Ich sprechen ein bisschen Deutsche”, which means I speak a little German.  But joke is on you, Nazi, because that is the only sentence I know), … Continue reading

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We are Finally Properly Honoring the Native Americans

I was touched beyond words while stairclimbing at the gym this morning.  I have–for most of my life–been burdened by a great sense of guilt in what our forefathers perpetrated against the native peoples of this land mass.  If anyone … Continue reading

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Susan G Komen Just Threw Up All Over Herself in Her Grave

I actually want to throw up all over myself too for having run in two of these dickhole’s races in Chicago.  I want my name removed from the historical data, this despite one of them being the best race I’ve … Continue reading

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