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J Crew has Officially Jumped the Shark

I looked and I looked, but they do not have the photo I need from the just-released December catalog online.  The theme of this current catalog I received in the mail on Monday is “The Italian Alps”.  Sure, why the … Continue reading

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Tasting Notes: Rockmill Brewery’s “Dubbel”


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Say it Ain’t So, Joe

You know when you hear someone reference “Riding off into the sunset?”.  Well, this is the exact opposite of that.  In a matter of days Penn State’s reputation in the college sports world has gone from bastion of integrity and … Continue reading

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Oh Pork Arm, Why So Serious?

You clutch that hand rail with all your strength, Pork Arm.  You glare at us all.  Your tormentors, your oppressors.  Those who entered the bus before you, taking those empty seats.  You got on the bus too late for open … Continue reading

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The Scout Chronicles: Nope, They Made Me a Fuckin’ Wizard

This was the bullshit of all bullshits.  I told these assholes I wanted to be a vicious Werewolf for Halloween.  And instead I get dolled up like some girly Gandolph.  I didn’t even get a fuckin’ staff to hit people … Continue reading

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