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The Scout Chronicles: Scout is Going to be so Badass for Halloween

You have no idea what a stone-cold badass I’m going to be for Halloween tonight.  No fucking clue.  Okay, here is a clue: I’m going to be a gnarley-assed Werewolf.  Stick-up ears, fangs, giant claws, the whole nine.  You encounter … Continue reading

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Oh When the Sluts, Go Marching In….Oh Lord I Want to be In that Number…Oh When the Sluts Go Marching In!

It doesn’t matter if you are a 14 year old boy walking down the hall of your high school hiding a boner with your Algebra textbook freshman year; a drunk frat guy; a 20-something associate at a law/accounting/marketing firm; a … Continue reading

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Terry Thompson, Hope You Read Dante’s “Inferno”, You Asshole

Because you are going straight to the 7th Level.  You are not going to pass GO, you will not collect $200.  You are going to be skull-fucked in an eternal hell fire.  You cowardly, putrid, diseased rhinoceros pizzle.  I was … Continue reading

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Dear Wall Street Protesters: Wake Up and Smell the Fucking Coffee

Listen, it isn’t that I somehow disapprove of you protesting.  Personally, I don’t have the time for it.  And I’m a selfish prick.  But if you have both the time and the passion, then put that fist in the air … Continue reading

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Tasting Notes: Rockmill Brewery’s “Saison”

It was the type of autumn day that a man must live to know that he was there.  He can view it in a Van Gogh painting, the “Wheat Stacks with Reaper”, and many of the like.  But he’ll never … Continue reading

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So the Chicago Marathon was Pretty Fun

Pretty fun little day on Sunday.  Got things started with my daughter adding a couple of extra wake-ups Saturday night to make sure I was on full tilt.  Wouldn’t want me going into this thing overly fresh now would we?  … Continue reading

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Happy (Belated) Mass-Murdering Genocidal Asshole Day Everyone!

I apologize for being a day late on this, but we’ve been having Internet issues at What Sucks Now world headquarters.  The IT department has been sacked, and we’re hoping to be fully operational again real soon.  Columbus Day is … Continue reading

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Shit Needs to go Mad Max….ASAP

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Brett Favre Douche-O-Meter

In recent radio interview, Brett Favre said that (referring to his replacement Aaron Rodgers, who is proving to be better than Brett Favre) he didn’t understand what took his replacement so long to win a Super Bowl.  Went even further … Continue reading

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