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I Need to Get my “Light Therapy” License

People need to quit hating on Feely McTouchowitz up there.  Guy is trying to get some cheap, middle-school poontang action by hook or by crook.  Why ya gotta hate on a playa?  Some people try to feel some boobies and … Continue reading

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Blue Pill or Red Pill?

So I’m trying to legitimize this pig by moving over to a URL, which I’ve now procured.  Wait until you get a load of the domain name, a blockbuster of epic proportions.  On the recommendation of a friend I’m currently … Continue reading

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Public Service Announcement: Please Remember 9/11 Responsibly

I’ll put this right up front instead of weaving it into the larger quilt of sarcasm and bile: I hate the yearly “Remember 9/11″ manufactured bullshit.  It stinks and it hurts and it tries to make fools of us all.  There … Continue reading

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Hey Fighting Irish, Great Effort

The Notre Dame downward spiral is still alive and thriving.  I don’t know when the entire program is going to be shooting heroin in the basement of a foreclosed and abandoned McMansion with a snuff porn playing on a stolen television … Continue reading

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Get Stabbed with a Meat-Sword at The Butcher & Larder

Yeah, take it.  You swallow that meat.  Swallow all of it.  Yeah, you know you love it……wait, what are we talking about again?  Oh yeah, somewhat new Chicago butcher shop (actually I haven’t the fucking foggiest whether or not this place is new, … Continue reading

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