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Holy Shit I’m an Idiot!

Scroll down two blogs, the one about the Kaylee Anthony vigil weirdos.  The bitch holding the fucking sign in the middle with the bad-fucking-ass Jesus t-shirt…..she spelled murder wrong: “MUDER”.  Fucking Mew-der.  I didn’t even notice.  Had that pic up … Continue reading

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If You’re Important and You Know it, Honk Your Horn

Are you driving the speed limit you worthless fucking hick?  HONK!  Are you actually stopping at a Stop sign retard?  HONK!  That light has been green for .000002 seconds, why haven’t you laid a patch of rubber and shot off … Continue reading

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Important Announcement to all People Who Picketed or Held Vigil Outside the Casey Anthony Trial:

Just fucking kill yourself.  That is all.  You bring nothing to the table.  Did you take time off work for this?  What were you hoping to accomplish?  The judge to look out the window and say, “Well, these hillbilly morons … Continue reading

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The Scout Chronicles: Summer is Ruining Barbecues Season!

What up Asshats?  The ol’ Scoutmeister is changing his tune on Summer in Chicago.  Years past (and I can only recall 2 thus far, though my ability to comprehend passage of time is limited to nonexistent) I would get all … Continue reading

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I Love Mexicans

If you think that Mexicans should get the fuck out of your country, then you know what? I think you should get the fuck out of your country. Mexicans are out there harvesting the food you are cramming into your … Continue reading

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I’m Huge in Slovenia

I’m going to be like fucking Hasselhoff in Japan or Germany. Fucking off the meat hook in Slovenia brah. Just crushing ass all over Slovenia. How do I know? I was checking the Stats on this blog (I just discovered … Continue reading

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If My 3 Month Old Daugther Doesn’t Start Sleeping Through the Night Really Soon, She’d Best Be VERY WARY of any Family “Vacations” to Florida

Because guess what sweetie, you can kill the fuck out of your babies in Florida, and don’t nobody care. As of now she isn’t sleeping so long at night. And if I decide my lack of rest is really cramping … Continue reading

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Well New York, I Guess You can Add God to the Long List of People You’ve Pissed Off

You Godless, liberal, morons. You’re basically France at this point. Some of the only people in the world who still liked you were Jesus and God. And you done gone and fucked that up too. Lettin’ dudes marry dudes and … Continue reading

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