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I Can’t Wait to Not Go to the Taste of Chicago!

I have been waiting, with baited fucking breath, all year, to not set one goddamned foot in the Taste of Chicago. It is going to be the highlight of my summer; avoiding The Taste like it’s a Haitian crack whore … Continue reading

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The Scout Chronicles: If that Miniature Poodle at the Corner of Sedgwick & Goethe Looks at me One More Fucking Time…….

……I swear to God we’re going to fucking Fist City. I’ve tried to be the bigger dog and let his bullshit go unchecked for the last fucking time. Little asshole is a savage and has no place in decent society. … Continue reading

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Is there any Integrity Left in Journalism?

Is there any point whatever in monitoring mainstream media? Is it a total joke? A complete and utter lost cause? Is there a shining beacon of truth and transparency in this murky quagmire of liars and corporate ball-washers? I may … Continue reading

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LeBron James: The Anti-Black Mamba

What a PUSSY. MJ and Kobe can’t stop laughing at this complete and utter tit. 6’8″, 240lbs, runs like Secretariat, jumps like a kangaroo. Strong as a fucking ox. Has the heart of a 67 year old African American male … Continue reading

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Attention Aaron, Formerly of Glunz

Need your contact info brah. Cellar Tracker said they won’t give it to me unless I contract to buy 2 cases of undrinkable Australian merlot. If you check the comments section of the Rockmill blog, I provided mine there. If … Continue reading

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Here’s to Wishing Terrelle Pryor the Worst Life has to Offer

Terrelle Pryor arrived at Ohio State Football one of the most highly touted recruits in history, for any school. He leaves a pariah. As Lenin once said after betrayed by Trotsky, “You are an un-person”. Not only self-absorbed to an … Continue reading

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Could Someone Please Tell Maria Shriver to Quit being such a Pussy

Your husband fathered a child with an employee behind your back. WAAAAHHHHH! Shut the fuck up already. Who did you think you married, A.C. Green? You married Arnold Fucking Schwarzenegger. Do you think he made himself look like this so … Continue reading

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Tasting Notes: Rockmill Brewery’s “Tripel”

I discovered Rockmill Brewery through the blog of my esteemed colleague Nicole: “A Local Choice”. It can be found on my profile under Blogs I Follow. Nicole is fastidiously researching people in the Central Ohio area who are adhering to … Continue reading

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