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The Baby Bjorn Carrier is Fun

Do you see how utterly and completely happy everyone in this true photo to the left is? Smiling, content, comfortable, preppy, near some artistic sandstone somewhere? This is a family that plays together, and obviously they are happier for it. … Continue reading

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If you are a Big ‘Ol Fat Person, is a Poncho like the Top thing you can Wear?

It has to be. It does not inhibit the natural ebb and flow of the fat as you waddle about your day. It lets air circulate to various underfat regions that would otherwise be suffocating when wearing clothes not designed … Continue reading

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Dear The Donald: You Might Want to Remove Obama’s Balls from your Chin before you try to Talk Again

In an utterly stunning turn of events, The Donald’s surprising streak of successful assholery came to a screeching halt this past weekend. Obama first drops the birth certificate on his ass. Which by the way, if you are a “Birther”, … Continue reading

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