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Former Illinois Governor George Ryan may not get to See his Wife Die

Boo-fucking-hoo. Do you know, George, who gets to see their wives die? People who don’t commit a shitload of fucking crimes, that’s who. When you are elected to office by the citizens of the state, and then you wait until … Continue reading

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Everything’s Cool in Haiti Now, Right?

I know they got crushed by an earthquake last year. Depressing business, that. But I texted *help* to the number provided, twice. So they got $20 from me. Once people stopped dying rapidly, the media quit talking about it. So … Continue reading

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Hey, Guess Who I Saw at the Gym this Morning?

Thats right, one fat fucking asshole after another. The New Year’s Resolution shitheel crowd is officially upon us at the gym. I say it every year: If you rely upon a random day in the Roman calendar cycle to improve … Continue reading

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