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Let’s Spend a Shitload of Money to Retry Rod Blagojevich

Prosecution went above and beyond the call of duty to fail miserably on the first attempt. I see no reason to not give them a blank check to see if they can fail a second time, albeit differently. Why the … Continue reading

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Notre Dame Versus Michigan Saturday!

GO AL QUEDA!!! I love watching this game each year in eager anticipation of watching a 747 careening into the 50 yard line at several hundred mph. I don’t know of two groups of more obnoxious, sense of entitlement having, … Continue reading

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Big Ben Rothlisberger’s Suspension Reduced from 6 to 3 Games

Rape away my friends, rape away! The message is very clear: If you are a big stupid gorilla and you play “No means Yes” with a young girl who is currently blowing a 0.32 in a bathroom while you are … Continue reading

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Glen Beck is to Retards as

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I Dominated my Fantasy Draft

Here’s a recap of what I picked (you are all straight fucked): Black WizardSword of SaranonPower CrystalsForest ElvesSea of WoeHills of Theodora7 TrollsIntimidating ShoutSamnai the Swordsman As you can see this fantasy season is mine. First game of the year … Continue reading

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